2 days 1 nights 4 dives
€ 145 net/pax
2 days 2 nights 4 dives
€ 165 net/pax
3 days 2 nights 6 dives
€ 204 net/pax
3 days 3 nights 6 dives
€ 224 net/pax
4 days 3 nights 8 dives
€ 260 net/pax
4 days 4 nights 8 dives
€ 280 net/pax
All Packages Includes : Lunch box and soft drinks, Dive equipments, Dive Master, Air coned accommodation, Transport return around Bali
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Here at Lovina Dive, Safety and Fun are Number One.

All Dive staff are trained in rescue, First Aid & C.P.R

Air Quality
We fill our own cylinders at our dive center so you can dive with the confidence of knowing that the air your breathing is of the best quality, pumped by compressors that are well maintained and have the filters changed even before the recommended changing time.

InsuranceLovina Dive Bali
Lovina Dive is fully insured with the PADI recognized dive store insurance company. Whether you book on a course or just a single dive, automatically become insured through us.

General Travelers Safety
All travelers to foreign countries are advised to have adequate personal insurance, ideally covering legal, medical and theft.

Bali is no different, consult your travel agent or insurance broker to find a policy that is suitable for you. Remember to stipulate scuba diving as a possible activity.

Life in Bali is fun, and with a few simple precautions to safeguard your possessions and person you can easily avoid an incidence that would otherwise disrupt your holiday pleasure.

Here in Bali we have western standard medical services and a recompression chamber this at our service 24 h.

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