2 days 1 nights 4 dives
€ 145 net/pax
2 days 2 nights 4 dives
€ 165 net/pax
3 days 2 nights 6 dives
€ 204 net/pax
3 days 3 nights 6 dives
€ 224 net/pax
4 days 3 nights 8 dives
€ 260 net/pax
4 days 4 nights 8 dives
€ 280 net/pax
All Packages Includes : Lunch box and soft drinks, Dive equipments, Dive Master, Air coned accommodation, Transport return around Bali
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Daily Diving and Snorkelling Trips to many Top Locations


During our diving or snorkeling activities you are always under the guidance of a highly trained professional. So you can be sure to have enjoyable days exploring the amazing underwater world that Bali offers. The most interesting variety of marine life. Combined with stunning views during our trips. Choose from one of these sites. Or ask us what else we can mean for you to make your diving or snorkeling program the way you like it. Your safety is our responsible! Please click here to know who we are?

Lovina Dive BaliLovina Dive BaliLovina Dive Bali

Kerobokan Dive Sites
A new dive sites has been found in north of Bali. We are the only dive operator that offers it magnificent underwater sites. Now most of choices goes to this dive sites. Kerobokan Dive Sites has two points which is one for muck diving and other for shore dive or boat dive. Night dives in this point would be the best.

The place about 5 kilometres to the eastern part of the town, and about 1 kilometre from The Jalan Kerobokan. Nudibranches, Turtles, unique Lion Fish, moraeel, frog fish, seahorses, box fish, etc, easily to finds in here.

For underwater photography lover should not missed this moment and in the afternoon would be the clearest time with visibility about 10 metres. Current is friendly and coral reef lives so healthy.

This place has been commented by several diver who has been done diving in this place. This is a very warm environtment.

We will look forward for your adventure to this place.

Tulamben U.S.S. Liberty Shipwreck
Dive this fascinating WO II Shipwreck. Torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942, this complete coral covered wreck offers many swim-throws. Surrounded by thousands of fish. For all diver levels and people who is willing to snorkel. Regarded as "probably the best dive site in the world" (The Independent) There are many other world class Dive Sites in the Tulamben area!

Bali DiveMenjangan Island National Marine Park
With beautiful reefs that plunge straight down into clear blue waters. Fantastic corals, millions of multi colored tropical fish, rays turtles sharks you name it. There are at least 8 different Dive Sites around the island. You can dive here for days! For all divers levels and a great place to snorkel or even just hang out on the white sandy beaches!

Lovina Reef
It is in north bali. Lovina reef is unfortunately not regarded as an interesting Dive Site. Mostly by people who never dove it. It has some interesting newly formed corals. Even a little wooden shipwreck. Lot's of fish! Lovina reef is better at greater depths and therefore a good place for deep divers. Or beginners to explore the very easy and safe diving environment at shallower depths. Very convenient since you avoid long car trips!

Amed is considered as one of the best dive sites on Bali. Unfortunately it lost a lot of corals due to Al Nino in 1997. Since than the reef has recovered at high speed. It's definitely worth diving here. Especially to see the big fish on Bali. Great drop offs. It takes a boat trip from Amed beach to reach the better dive sites.

Night Diving
Night diving is maybe the reason why many divers dive! It's sounds a bit scary but it's so relaxing. Adventures Night Dives is the best in Tulamben and Lovina reef.
Switch on your torch, stay with your buddy and descend to the magnificent Tropical Marine Night Life! So challenge your self with us.

Secret Bay where under photographers can make nice pictures:

in front of the docking area of Gilimanuk Harbor. Be prepared - you are diving on fine black and gray volcanic sand and rubble and not on a coral reef! This place is a great place for the rare and unusual. This so called muck diving is one of favorite pastimes since we like macro-photography best. Here you find frogfish (where we found species on one dive: A. hispidus, A. striates, A. maculates and A. nummifer), special nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, the rare picturesque dragonet and gobies, several species of sand eels, stonefish and devilfish, mimic octopus and even the Ambon scorpion fish (Pteroidichthys amboinensis), crabs and shrimps and many other critters that like to live on sand. Probably just so some under water photographers can make nice pictures!

See around the pieces of half rotten wood, among the sponges and especially under the garbage (inside the metal drums for example) and in the metal structures put up in several places. These objects act like a small oasis where animals can hide, so they are a good place to find camouflaged animals such as the frogfish or seahorses. We noticed that there are seasonal changes at the Secret Bay dive sites. On one visit a place would be just full with certain nudibranchs on the sea grass, another year only a few could to be found. See the Map of Dive site

Puri Jati (PJ)
Puri Jati is on the north coast of Bali not far from Lovina, Great for Diving, Underwater photographers, Night diving, Sharks, muck diving, Mandarin fish, pelagic, reef, coral reef, Shark Dive Bali, Padang Bai 2 hours 15 minutes, Sharks, Bali Diving, Indonesia Diving, Tulamben is 1 hours drive, Secret Bay only 1.5 hours, add Nusa Penida & Manta Point along with Pemuteran makes a Bali Dive Safari. Absolute Scuba Diving Center offers a comfortable and luxurious accommodations.

Dive BaliPuri Jati (PJ) is a dive site with dark volcanic sand and some seaweed and soft coral similar to Seraya, Gilimanuk or Lembeh. PJ Puri Jati is a good place to see small rand rare animals like frogfishes (for example A. striates), dragonets, seahorses, nudibranchs, ambon scorpion fishes and devil fishes, flying gurnard, the mimic octopus and other rare species of octopus.

Puri Jati lies close to the Zen Resort Bali, which is a boutique hotel in the serene and natural environment of un spoilt North Bali and over looking the Sea of Bali at Puri Jati. The 15 Ocean view sunset and sunrise villas are surround by vineyards and rice terraces and located just 300 meters from the beach.


Bali's hidden secret below the waves offers you but another reason to visit this magical paradise and unlike many of the other top dive destinations in the world when you have finished your days diving there is still plenty to do and enjoy during a dive vacation to Bali.

Diving in South Bali/ Nusa Penida -- The Mola Mola, and we know as Oceanic Sunfish, doing their seasonal migrations to Nusa Penida islands. The best time of the year to see these huge creatures is between July and October although they can be seen occasionally outside these times. Our guides are well rehearsed in locating these creatures that tend to congregate around a few sites, namely Blue Corner, Crystal Bay and Toyapakeh.

Manta Rays were easily to find in here. Unpredictable current will welcomes you in this area, but believe that we are professionals and we recommended for experienced diver but nothing to worry since there are some spots or number of beautiful sites for all level of divers.

Crystal Bay is named because of its fantastic underwater visibility. The sites consist of a fantastic little bay in shallow water that offers excellent opportunities for photography, before sliding down into deep drop offs. Superb coral is only matched by the equally superb marine life.

Toyapakeh means "salty Water" has to be the best of all Nusa Penida's dive sites. Actually the site breaks into two with wall and Toyapakeh. Both these sites are encrusted with corals and fish. The intensity of the fish life is something to be witnessed. Large pelagic are often seen here just lurking in the blue.

Manta Point One of Penida's most popular sites. A beautiful boat ride along the coast line of Nusa Penida brings you to Manta Point. Manta sightings here are very common with some very large animals being seen. This site is very open to the elements so sometimes it is not possible to dive this site.

Blue Corner was a famous Bali dive sites. This site was flowed with currents and stretched down to some unpredictable depths. You will be amazed at the marine life when you do diving in a right time. You will see Mola Mola in season since they love to plays around in here! Marble rays, Eagle rays, nurse sharks, dogtooth tuna, easily to find. This site recommended for experienced divers only to do this trip. Ready for it??

The deep of Blue lagoon has nice shallow reefs that are perfect for underwater photography dives and night dives. They have huge coral bommies that start in around 7 meters of water. The fish life is amazing naturally and healthy. The large Napoleon Wrasse that lives here, you will have reef shark, nudibranches, stonefish, morays, blue ribbon eels, rays, squid and octopus, Leaf Scorpion fish and many more. So don't miss this moment and get you camera for amazing photography also try the night dives.

You will welcome by Great walls, the canyon, combined with strong currents. The currents bring in a lot of fresh water so you can normally expect excellent visibility, also Conditions here are very changeable so a good guide is essential with superb marine life makes this a dive dedicated for experienced divers only. Tepekong Island with its steep coral walls and cold waters dropping occasionally as low as 19 C! Make sure you're armed with a full wetsuit when diving these islands. Amazing that just further up the coast you can be languishing in a balmy 28C but here the cold up welling of nutrient rich water from the deep can really put a chill in the water. By a short boat ride from Padang Bay brings you to Gili tepekong. These excellent drift dives you can expect to see all kinds of pelagics such as grey reef sharks, eagle rays, barracuda, and many other spectacular fish which Tepekong offers and of course some of the most impressive diving in underwater Bali for sure, the vast amount of sea fans offers some superb underwater scenery. Clouds of angelfish and chromes can be seen amongst the schools of other fish. It is common to see Napoleon wrasse here, as well as black rays, leopard sharks, and white tip reef sharks. This site really only goes down to around 18m so there is plenty of time to explore this beautiful site.

So, what you waiting for, let check our rates and reserve now.

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